In today’s world of highly accessible information, we often experience information overload, which leads us to use our biases or “gut” during the decision-making process. These decisions can be more accurately assessed using scientific methodology in combination with modern computing power. By analyzing and understanding the data and variables in your business decisions, your chances of making better, more impactful decisions are considerably higher.

At EdjServices, we use proven predictive and prescriptive solutions across multiple industries from professional sports to healthcare. Our expert team of scientists are focused on measurable objectives and development of deliverables within a timely manner. Let’s discuss how we can help your business.

Our Approach

In a similar fashion to how computers are programmed to learn how to play chess, the Edj decision model gathers business and organizational context for a specific decision and identifies all of the possible outcomes based on an existing data set.

The Data

What is the accessible information?

How is it changing
in real time?

The Rules

What are the constraints of the decision making process?

The Goal

Data driven decisions with better results.

Model Opportunities

Play Calling
Risk Assessment
Product Mix
Early Detection
Supply Chain
Cost Containment

Case Studies

Quantifying Dynamic Risk with Predictive Analytics

Discovering Provider Outliers in Billing Behavior

Elective Procedures Case Study

Employee Retention Case Study

Cardiac Patient Readmission Model

Patient Segmentation

Predicting Third Grade Reading Outcomes

Summer Melt Predictive Model

Student Retention Model

NFL Player Evaluation Tool