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Patient Segmentation


EdjAnalytics and a regional hospital system operating in Kentucky and Indiana partnered to develop solutions that illuminate patterns in patient behaviors. In the face of increasing competition for loyalty within the healthcare industry, the hospital system’s vision is to become more consumer-centric and deliver patients more relevant touchpoints based on their unique needs. Edj was engaged to provide a framework for how the hospital system can better serve and communicate with their patients.


To support the segmentation development, the hospital system provided data on 1.9 million patients, including Demographics such as Age, Race and Gender; Clinical History such as Diagnoses, Encounters and Medications; and Engagement Metrics such as Online Portal Usage and Patient Satisfaction. The Edj team ⎯ made up of a product manager, data scientist, data analyst and database administrator ⎯ selected a clustering methodology to build a patient segmentation unique to this hospital system. The methodology places patients into groups whereby those in the same group exhibit similar characteristics to each other and differ from the characteristics of those in other groups.