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EdjAnalytics to Present at the 2019 PhUSE US Connect Conference

EdjAnalytics to Present at the 2019 PhUSE US Connect Conference

LOUISVILLE, KY (January 24, 2019) – EdjAnalytics, a leading data science and predictive analytics firm focused in the healthcare, services and sports verticals, has announced their participation at the 2019 PhUSE US Connect conference, February 24 – 27 in Baltimore, MD.

“Quantifying Dynamic Risk with Predictive Analytics” will be presented by EdjAnalytics’ COO Susan Olson, Ph.D. and Data Scientist Connor English on Monday, February 25th. In this year’s new PhUSE track on Analytical-Based Risk Monitoring, EdjAnalytics will feature advanced analytics technology for real-time risk management that can be adapted to a wide variety of solutions. The presentation will include two real-world healthcare applications that assess the risk of hospital readmission and the probability of need for elective, surgical procedures. These applications are rooted in patient care and engagement and provide innovative value for monitoring and managing clinical operations risk.

“We are honored with the invitation to present at this year’s PhUSE US Connect. This conference brings together a distinguished, global audience and modern platform to discuss the advancement of clinical data science. We look forward to sharing our advanced analytics work and collaborating within this significant confluence,” said Susan Olson, COO of EdjAnalytics.

The Quantifying Dynamic Risk with Predictive Analytics conference paper is available here for download.

For more information about PhUSE US Connect, visit www.phuse.eu/us-connect19

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EdjAnalytics was founded on the premise that a team of expert data scientists working on a diverse array of complex problems creates a breadth of experience that is valuable across multiple industry verticals. Today, EdjAnalytics empowers smarter decision making with analytical models and custom software solutions in verticals such as healthcare, workforce intelligence and sports. EdjAnalytics’ approach helps organizations support evidence-based decisions by unlocking the predictive power of data. For more information, visit www.edjanalytics.com.