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Jump Webinar

WEBINAR REPLAY: Follow the Data to Your Next Beverage Market​

How to Find the Best Markets (New & Existing) for your Beverage SKU with Predictive Analytics

Here's What You'll Learn (in 30 min):

  • What your data can tell you about where your wine, spirit, or beer SKU has the next most potential for sales growth or new revenue?

  • How machine learning can project why one store is more likely to sell more bottles of your product than another?

  • What retailers aren’t targeting shoppers that are likely to pick your product over another?

Watch the Replay

Our experts discuss the changing landscape of consumerism in the beverage alcohol industry during COVID.

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Dynamic Consumerism in the Beverage Alcohol Industry

Marketing Analytics for Beverage Manufacturers

Jump by Edj defines your audience (both retailer and consumer), integrates third party data to describe it better, and builds machine learning models to create data-driven strategies and recommendations that drive product growth.

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