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Jump for Healthcare

Profitable and actionable patient insights.


With Jump, You Know Before They Know

Combining Electronic Health Records (EHR) and proprietary social determinants of health (SDoH) data, Jump utilizes advanced analytics to predict which patients will have a specific future healthcare need and then target that audience for your health system. With Jump, healthcare marketers are able to serve campaigns resulting in increases in –
  • Revenue
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Booked procedures
  • Quality of life in patient needing the surgery
jump by edj

How Jump Works

First, an encounter journey map discovers patterns and personas for specific types of health needs.

A data feed is then created of existing patients with a high probability of the specific need within a certain timeframe.

Resulting in a custom digital marketing strategy for recruiting new patients with similar characteristics.

Jump provides profitable and actionable patient insights to healthcare marketers

Transform data into the foundation for confident marketing and decision making.

Jump Maximizes:

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