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Advanced Analytics For The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is a data rich market that is ripe for improving outcomes through predictive modeling. With the continued success of mobile and free-to-play gaming, in-game transactions have become a primary revenue source for gamemakers. Through proprietary prescriptive modeling, Jump helps gaming companies gain a competitive advantage by offering insights that help optimize marketing and product development to drive in-game revenue growth.

Jump’s Game-Changing Methodology

Through machine learning, first party data, third party data, and deep learning of prominent social channels, Jump’s gaming clients can:

Increase player acquisition and retention

Discover market trends and monetization opportunities

Benchmark and optimize player lifetime value

Connect revenue directly to marketing initiatives

Edj’s Proprietary Opportunity Scoring System

Through Edj’s opportunity scoring system, game-makers have the ability to increase player engagement and overall lifetime value.

In free-to-play games, up to 50% of the revenue is generated by just around 2% of the players. Edj’s opportunity scoring system not only identifies and profiles the top 2%, but builds prescriptive models to determine the best action to convert a player into high frequency and high volume.

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Level Up With Jump

Deep Dive Into Player Insights
  • Analyze & understand player behavior to diagnose and correct common player loss patterns through in-game encounter mapping
  • Profile gamer interests and habits to personalize product, timing, and pricing of in-game offerings and promotions
Optimize Marketing & Promotional Strategy
  • Better allocate time & resources to the most promising players through Edj’s proprietory Opportunity Scoring System
  • Identify key influencers that can accelerate growth of the player base through machine learning and third party data (deep learning of YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and Shopify trends)
Drive Revenue Growth
  • Increase average player lifetime value by deep diving into player journeys and identifying key influencers that can accelerate growth 
  • Turn data into your revenue engine by identifying key player and market monetization opportunities
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