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Jump by Edj

Jump delivers high-value predictive analysis that allows our clients to make unbiased business decisions that help them succeed

Edj is the analytics advantage that increases confidence in critical decisions across a variety of industries and markets. Utilizing advanced analytics, Jump By Edj provides actionable insights that eliminate guesswork and maximize revenue.

What Is Jump?

Jump By Edj is the data-engine that exists to guide decision making with data-driven strategies. Leveraging real-time and historical data along with machine learning, Jump empowers companies of all sizes with actionable insights and strategic solutions to everyday business challenges. 

Create Customer Journeys

Create Data Feeds

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Create Custom Digital Strategies

Case Studies

Marketing Analytics for Beverage Manufacturers

Headquartered in the bourbon capital of the world, Jump by Edj is our solution to the informational disadvantage faced by today’s distillers, brewers, and winemakers.

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Elective Procedures

A regional hospital system serving Kentucky and Indiana engaged EdjAnalytics to improve the targeting logic for marketing campaigns around elective procedures.

Heart Surgeon using Technology

Patient Readmission Model

Edj’s custom readmission model helps hospital systems and care providers predict which cardiac patients are most likely to be readmitted and manage factors that can reduce readmission rates.

Make Better Decisions With Jump

Jump equips companies to make key decisions in full confidence. Jump ensures companies implement the most efficient strategy to drive optimal revenue by providing access to:

  •  A deeper understanding of customer behavior
  • Real-time, actionable product or service insights
  • High-value market opportunities

Abandon Conventional Strategies

Eliminate guesswork resulting from biases and unreliable insights in critical decision making. Put your data to work to implement proven, dependable strategies.  

Transform Data Into Impact

Achieve optimal outcomes and increase ROI through custom advanced analytic models. Take advantage of Jump By Edj – the competitive edge to get ahead. 

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We Are The Data Specialists

Leveraging human and artificial intelligence, EdjAnalytics enables any company, no matter the size or industry, to transform their data into better business strategies and optimal decision making through Jump. We are practical partners with a deep understanding of real-world business challenges and the need to positively influence ROI.