Jump by Edj

Jump by Edj

Precision Outreach for Healthcare Consumer Acquisition & Loyalty

What is Jump?

Jump is a marketing and outreach service that utilizes the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to identify and reach healthcare consumers with targeted digital strategies. Evidence-based consumer marketing allows you to:

  • Identify lives that you currently serve with eminent future health needs and effectively connect them with your care
  • Save time and budget by segmenting your message to the right audience
  • Increase volume and revenue in specific service lines
  • Focus on improving your definition of ROI 

How does Jump work?

Combining Electronic Health Records (EHR) and proprietary social determinants of health (SDoH) data, Jump utilizes advanced analytics to predict which patients will have a specific future healthcare need and then target that audience for your health system.

The end result? A digital marketing strategy designed for you to attract and retain patients for all of their healthcare needs.

 Why Jump?

  • Gain market share and accelerate patient acquisition with targeted digital marketing strategies powered by AI and machine learning.
  • Improve patient outcomes by accelerating engagement. Address micro-segments of your population, using evidence to dynamically re-center on what connects with them.
  • Take advantage of proprietary SDoH, including housing, financial, consumer, and transportation indicators to get a unique picture of your healthcare consumer.
  • Utilize agile strategies built on real-time consumer behavior and the latest advertising technologies.
  • Maximize first-party data to understand your specific market. 


Evidence-Based Consumer Marketing

An encounter journey map discovers patterns and personas for specific types of health needs.

A data feed of existing patients with a high probability of the specific health need within a certain window of time.

A custom digital marketing strategy for recruiting new patients with similar characteristics.

Optimize and Execute Your Digital Strategies with AI


1 – Patient Encounter Mapping by Treatment Area

Jump creates custom journey maps for each hospital and health system using your EHR data.

Journey maps may be formed by encounter type, specific categories such as tests or surgeries, or a hybrid of the two.

Interactive patient encounter map identifies patterns and personas for specific types of health needs.
Feed of existing patients with high probability of a need within a specific timeframe.


2 – Healthcare Consumer Personas

Using advanced segmentation techniques, your EHR data is integrated with proprietary, Zip+4 level SDoH data to personify healthcare consumers in your health system. These personas drive pinpointed creative design and unparalleled targeting to attract new healthcare consumers to your care organization.

3 – Custom Marketing Strategy

Using the data-rich consumer personas, Jump delivers tailored digital marketing strategies to maximize engagement and minimize spend.

Strategies include leading edge technologies like:

  • 1:1 Geofencing and IP Targeting
  • Social media 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Digital marketing strategy utilizing SDoH to recruit new consumers.