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EdjAnalytics increases confidence
in critical decisions, across a
variety of industries and markets.


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As the premier data intelligence firm for the sports
industry, EdjSports is committed to helping our clients
win more - no matter the game, race or match.

Sports Properties


Edj's custom solutions for providers, payers and
pharma companies help improve patient care
and diagnostic certainty, reduce costs and
support real-time care decisions.


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Edj helps to identify future risks and
opportunities and segment populations with
defined client rankings to improve operational
efficiencies and minimize exposure.


Edj empowers educators to improve student
success with retention, grade-level mastery,
college readiness and summer melt applications.

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Edj brings experience and perspective to the
gaming industry, leveraging a proven
methodology to assist clients with market
valuations, customer acquisition and retention
and optimizing player behavior.