Clearer insight into risk.

Gain groundbreaking insight from patient and patient population data.

The confluence of increased regulatory requirements (with reduced reimbursements), continually increasing populations of at-risk and aging patients, and the rate of change of technology and data is making high quality care increasingly challenging for care providers and hospital systems.

EdjHealthcare harnesses both individual patient and patient population data to give care providers and hospital systems unmatched insight into risk assessment, empowering them with the tools they need to make smarter decisions and mitigate readmissions.

Clinical Users

Improve patient care and understand all patient risks to make more knowledgeable decisions in real-time

Hospital Systems

Drive innovation by successfully shifting from data volume to data value


Understand patient risk to make more accurate reimbursement decisions

EHR Systems

Enhance your offering to hospital systems

Only EdjHealthcare offers:

  • A rigorous, scientific and objective approach to building predictive models customized to the organization’s needs
  • Decision models that enable timely, mission-critical decisions based on very complex factors/inputs
  • Analytics support tools that identify and assess all potential risk factors, empowering decision-makers to facilitate positive outcomes

TJUH is a key partner in the development of EdjHealthcare

The role of analytics is becoming increasingly crucial to the success of our journey from data volume to data value. Edj will provide us with new insights and new answers to the challenges we will face along the way.

— David Nash, DEAN