Increase your hospital’s effectiveness

EdjHealthcare’s Decision Modeling

Initially developed to manage intra-game risk decisions for NFL football games, the Edj Decision Modeling standard is an effective tool for any organization confronting complex decisions that impact clearly defined outcomes.

In a similar fashion to how computers have been successfully programmed to outplay the best humans in chess or backgammon, Edj has developed tools for important decisions in healthcare.

The Data

What is the accessible information? How is it changing in real time?

Data DiscoveryDefine challenge, compile data, integrate with industry experts. Ensure the goal is clearly defined.
Data DeliveryTransfer data securely in non-proprietary, open formats

The Rules

What are the constraints of the decision making process?

Data Prep & Game ConstructionRefine and score data. Create rule-based framework focused on the project objective.
Edj ValidationApply data to model and test. Objectively let the data speak. Refine and repeat.

The Goal:

Better Decisions in Real Time

Solution Delivery
SaaS-based product delivered to client, allowing them to determine results as new data become available.