EdjAdvance – Freshmen Student Retention Tool

Empowering educators to improve student success

US colleges and universities are experiencing a $9.9MM average decline in revenue annually due to student attrition. This loss is primarily driven by Freshmen who fail to return for their Sophomore year. Retaining students not only affects their future success but also has a tremendous impact on a university’s bottom line in cost and reputation for future enrollment.

EdjAdvance, improves retention rates by identifying which Freshmen are at the highest risk of dropping out and illuminating the associated factors with increased risk. Once provided with students’ individual risk scores, university staff can focus intervention efforts such as career path and financial counseling, mentoring, or tutoring on the students with the greatest need.

How it Works

Using historical data from application software and student records, Edj produces accurate predictions on which individual students are most likely to leave after their Freshman year.

To best meet each institution’s needs, Edj can customize the report to examine additional milestones including:

  • Likelihood of enrollment following acceptance
  • Likelihood of completing first semester Freshman year
  • Likelihood of completing Sophomore year or returning Junior year
  • Likelihood of completing Junior year or returning Senior year
  • Likelihood of graduating within 4 years
  • Likelihood of graduating within 6 years

The Deliverables

EdjAdvance is a customized report showcasing insights around which variables are most indicative of a student’s likelihood of leaving, as well as visualization of key data trends. Risk scores for each individual student and their corresponding risk factors will be provided to enable university resources to quickly identify the students who need additional attention. With an affordable annual subscription and refreshed data, EdjAdvance can be updated once per year to identify at-risk students in the subsequent class.

Sample EdjAdvance Student Profile


EdjAdvance Freshmen Retention Tool

  • One-time development: 10 weeks
  • Development timeline includes 2 weeks each for data transfer/review, data cleaning, feature engineering, modeling, and deliverable preparation
  • Annual Refresh: 2 weeks

Additional milestones and customizations are available.

Contact us to discuss how EdjAdvance can meet your institution’s unique needs.