We want each and every child to become the best version of themselves and help them finish what they start. EdjGraduate is a student success platform built with proprietary, predictive models that focuses on student retention, grade-level mastery, college readiness and summer melt. We deliver measurable insights through a SaaS based product, integrated directly into the administration’s workflow.

Our Approach

In a similar fashion to how computers are programmed to learn how to play chess, the Edj decision model gathers business and organizational context for a specific decision and identifies all of the possible outcomes based on an existing data set.

The Data

What is the accessible information?

How is it changing
in real time?

The Rules

What are the constraints of the decision making process?

The Goal

Better decisions with better results

Model Opportunities

College Readiness

Case Studies

Summer Melt Predictive Model

Student Retention Model

Our Clients