Gain groundbreaking insights from your existing data.

From the front office to the field, data analytics has become a buzzword in this industry. But finding the right tool to make sense of your data often leaves more questions than answers, leaving teams with an untapped pool of information that could be used to gain competitive edge. EdjFootball changes the game with a custom suite of analytics tools designed specifically for your team.


Drive positive action with your coaching staff. Leverage a powerful tool to enhance your analysis and draw quicker, deeper insights with your propriety data.


Improve your game preparation and test your play calling instincts. Understand how your strategic decisions affect your team’s success on the field.


Help increase your team’s value. Gain a greater understanding of how your personnel decisions impact win expectations.

Only EdjFootball offers:

  • a comprehensive suite of analytics tools for before, during, and after the game
  • customized reports, analysis, and tools designed specifically for your team
  • an intuitive, multi-module web-based interface
  • a custom simulation engine for accurately assessing any unique play situation
  • a deeper, faster, and more accurate analysis of your most critical game decisions
  • the benefits of over a decade of research and rigorous mathematical refinements
  • a way to transform your most important data into GWC – the only metric that matters
  • true, competitive edge