The Facebook Privacy Scandal Visualized by Market Share Impact

The Facebook Privacy Scandal Visualized by Market Share Impact

The following timeline details the end-of-day U.S. market share for Facebook among competitor social media platforms (Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and several others) as reported by Thanks to Phillip Tracy at The Daily Dot for regularly updating their timeline off of which this one is based.

March 9: This is the last day before information began spreading about Facebook’s data breach.

March 17: A New York Times article and video by The Guardian are released reporting Cambridge Analytica acquired personal information on roughly 50 million Facebook users without permission.

March 18: Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica and its parent company, SCL Group, alongside whistleblower Christopher Wylie.

March 19: U.S. government leaders begin to press Congress to hold hearings where Facebook’s Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg would testify.

March 20: Facebook holds emergency meeting to discuss the scandal with employees and answer questions. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was not in attendance.

March 21: WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) Co-Founder Brian Acton begins the #deletefacebook campaign. Mark Zuckerberg also makes his first statement and apologizes on CNN.

March 22: Donald Trump brags about his partnership with Cambridge Analytica from the 2016 presidential campaign.

March 23: Elon Musk deletes Facebook accounts for Tesla and SpaceX. Mark Zuckerberg gets invited to testify in front of The House of Representatives. Cambridge Analytica offices are raided by Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

March 25: Mark Zuckerberg publishes an apology in British and American newspapers.

March 26: Federal Trade Commission confirms probe into Facebook’s privacy practices. Apple CEO Tim Cook gives his opinion.

March 27: Mark Zuckerberg agrees to testify in the U.S. and refuses to testify in the U.K.

April 4: Facebook increases the number of affected users to 87 million instead of 50 million from original reports.

April 8: Facebook suspends AggregateIQ from the platform after determining an affiliation with SCL group. Facebook also suspends CubeYou for improper data usage.

April 10: Mark Zuckerberg testifies before Congress.

Has Facebook overcome the dip or is this their new normal? Let us know what you think.