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Edj empowers smarter decision-making with proven game-based analytical models and custom software solutions. 

Our game-based approach analyzes pools of data to help organizations make decisions based on the highest probability of achieving their goals. Every day, professionals across industries leverage their experience and intuition to make critical decisions toward a desired outcome. At EdjAnalytics, we help our clients increase confidence in those decisions. By truly “listening” to data and turning uncertainty about the future into usable probabilities, we have the power to make a difference. The result? Better, data-driven decisions for a competitive edge.


NFL and NCAA teams leverage Edj predictive and prescriptive analytics for a significant competitive edge.

Global markets have become an increasingly complex game of rapidly changing information and algorithmic opponents.  Edj’s unique approach to predictive analytics can provide a distinct advantage.

Customized predictive models in healthcare significantly mitigate re-admission rates and provide a clearer assessment of pre-operative risks.

Recent Projects

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