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Super Bowl LI – The Clock as Friend and Foe

If you didn’t give up on this apparently lopsided Super Bowl midway through the third quarter, you were privileged to wit…

Unconventional Value

At Edj Analytics we often discuss the risk aversion biases of NFL coaches and how it can negatively impact the outcome of a…

Edj Analytics co-founder speaks at University of Tennessee Sports Analytics Conference


Louisville Entrepreneur Sean O’Leary Selected at 67th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Medellin, Colombia.

Louisville – October 31st, 2016 – Endeavor Louisville announced today that Sean O’Leary, CEO & Co-Founder of Edj …

What does the future hold for human/robot cooperation?

From NFL game analysis to healthcare delivery, Edj Analytics seeks to grow ranks as they transform technical data into stories

How games like poker can teach us to make business decisions

Sean O’Leary gets back in the startup game with Edj Analytics

For the past two years, Sean O’Leary has quietly worked on a new venture using big data to solve problems across various …

Edj Analytics Co-founder Wins Texas Backgammon Championship

Chuck Bower, Chief Scientist at Edj Analytics, won the 2015 Open division of the Texas Backgammon Championships with a 11-3…