Data-driven insights for competitive edge.

EdjFootball is the premier suite of analytics tools to help you determine your Game Winning Chance (GWC) at every critical moment of the game. Leveraging more than a decade of data and rigorous mathematical analysis, EdjFootball brings the power of data analytics to your team, with actionable and understandable insights before, during, and after the game. The result? More confidence in your strategic decisions and, ultimately, true competitive edge.

EdjFootball Suite of Products

Deeper, faster, more accurate analysis of your most critical game decisions for NFL and NCAA Football.

  • Gameday Matchup
  • Playcall Simulator
  • Post-Game Report
  • Strategy Guides
  • Post-Season Report
  • Custom Modules


How much is a win really worth?

$2.34BAvg NFL franchise

- Forbes, 2016
$620MRevenue generated by Super Bowl 50

- Forbes, 2016
$25MA 1% rise in a team's long-term average winning percentage is estimated to boost its franchise value by up to $25 million in a 20-year span

- John Vrooman, world-renowned sports economist,
Vanderbilt University


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